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Our Specialities Include

You can also expect exceptional treatment for:

Sudden or severe tooth pain
Gum disease
Teeth that need to be pulled
Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)

Most dental insurances don’t cover the bulk of your cosmetic dentistry cost, so choose a Metairie cosmetic dentist who also performs general dentistry and family dentistry procedures. At a dentist that provides exceptional restorative dentistry to many of New Orleans’ most famous citizens, the best dentist in town is also your family dentist.

Cosmetic Dentistry in NOLA

Custom Dentures*
dentures that don’t come in and out

When you have children who are involved in sports, you’ll be glad to have a general dentist on speed dial. You can often get same-day appointments to cover:

Emergency dental issues
Fixing cracked teeth
Root canals, when necessary
Crowns for teeth

Fixed prostheses 

Repairing a broken retainer

World Class Dentistry

* Same Day Appointments   * 24 Hour Answering Service   *Se Habla Español

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Teeth whitening
Teeth reshaping
Dental bonding

Porcelain Veeners
Full and partial dentures